Monday, October 30, 2006

Day 210 - Seventy-Five Percent

According to my calculations, today represents the 75% mark. Three quarters of the way there.

It's one of those weird perception things that the remaining sixty nine days until the due day, pretty much ten weeks on the nose feels simultaneously scarily close and terrifyingly far away. It's two months to Christmas. From the other room, I heard my first bloody Christmas advert yesterday. There's still halloween and Guy Fawkes Night first, you bastards! Can't we at least get into November before we have to deal with bloody Christmas? But you know that as soon as you hear those adverts, it's not going to be long.

Then you think about it day by day. 70 days seems like a looooonnnnng time. I know it's hardly original to say this, but sometimes, it does feel like we've stepped into a stasis field, or it's like wading through treacle. You know when you're in a dream and you try and run towards something but you're barely moving? Yeah.

But there's plenty of milestones, I suppose and that's the way to think of it. On Friday, K___ has what will probably be the last of her four-weekly midwife appointments. From here on in, it's likely to be fortnightly. Then in a few day's time, it's my dad's birthday followed by K___'s mum's birthday, and then my youngest brother's birthday in early December. Then the Saturnalia - sorry; Christmas - followed by New Year.

And once you get to New Year, it's really frighteningly close to baby time. Can't wait!


  1. Before you start wishing away your last few weeks of freedom, which you appear to regard from this vantage as a form of purgatory, I would like to strongly advise you to make the most of every spare minute between now and the birth by spending time together as a couple, visiting friends, going out to eat, going out to the cinema, going out anywhere at all, maybe taking a weekend break away somewhere etc? When the baby is born you will not have time to sleep for several months, let alone do any of these other things.

    Also, I fear you may be alienating your core audience with all this talk of naked lawyers and your "public" bone. Please get things back on track with a exegesis on the fact that the only mediated role model of fatherhood as portrayed in the seventies was Frank Spencer - and how that has influenced your outlook.

  2. i don't remember betty having kids...

  3. What, you don't remember Jessica?