Monday, April 30, 2007

Sleep, sleep tonight...

You know how things come back and bite you on the arse? Well, a little while ago, we were luxuriating in the fact that our little baba sleeps from eight in the evening until six the next morning? Yeah...
Hopefully it's just because madam is still a little put out by her adventures with tummy bugs, but the last few nights, she's been getting us up in the middle of the night for a feed. Last night, I was still up doing a bit of computing. Occasionally I could hear a burst of noise from the baby monitor, but generally it had been quiet. About midnight, Olivia started making noises which built up until we had crying. Then I heard a plaintive voice from K___, "Can you come and get her?"
I grabbed the baby and took her into the kitchen with me and sorted her a bottle. She guzzled the first three ounces, but after that it was a bit of a struggle. On the one hand, she seemed too dozy to eat, but when I put her back in her cot, I had to rescue her again a couple of minutes later. Fortunately, K___ didn't wake. In the end it was half one before I she was tired enough to go back down.
Then she woke us at ten to six. Grrrr. Hopefully this won't last. K___ tells me that Olivia's reaching the point where baby's start to want things NOW, GODDAMN IT! and knows the buttons to push to make it happen (she didn't know this already?). With that in mind, we really don't want her to make the connection that results in her wailing in the middle of the night and us picking her up and feeding her etc.
Might have to break out the SuperNanny book...


  1. We went through a period where if Gage cried in the night, we only went & got him if the crying lasted for more than 15 minutes.

    Like I said...that was a period.

    In reality, our son is 19 months old,and we are the parents who jump up at 3am if he's crying.

    Most of the time he sleeps through the night...but recently, he woke up 5 times during the night b/c he's getting 4 teeth @ once, and it was just really rough on all of us!

    A friend of mine...she had twins...she & her husband...I think it was when they were about 5 months old...they fed them at 9 or 10pm, and did NOT go back into the room to get them until after 6am. Period. No exceptions. She said it only took 3-4 nights of that before the girls figured it out---"no matter how much we cry, they aren't coming in here. guess we better go back to sleep. there's nothing else to do right now..."

  2. hmm - it's all very well reading super-nanny books, but if Olivia hasn't read them, it won't be half as effective!
    Greg still has a night feed - usually around half 3 - 4 a.m. I've tried pointing out that his brother and sister had packed it in by his age, and I've moved him into his own room so I am not disturbing him, but when he wakes, he doesn't want a cuddle, or a lullaby, or a rock, or his mobile...HE WANTS MILK and he wants me to know about it at the top of his voice, too! ah well...