Sunday, August 05, 2007

Watch Us Grin and Grin

Olivia is continuing to do very well with her eating...

Here she is going bananas for bananas!

This is what is technically known as a cheesy grin.

Olivia absolutely loooooooooooves cheese! She has organic mature cheddar based on the premise that if she will eat that she will also eat anything milder.

She also loves nectarines. When she first puts a bit if nectarine in her mouth she pulls a face like she is sucking a lemon, she takes it out, looks at it and then puts it back in. Then there follows a brief interlude of frantic sucking punctuated by happy little noises. Then when you really think she has bitten off more than she can chew she opens her mouth again and pulls out a big bit of nectarine skin which she has sucked all the flesh off.

Also popular at the moment are toast, carrots, broccoli, green beans, avacado, pitta bread and cauliflower.


  1. keep it up with the vegetables.

    Gage ate them like a pro for a while...then he slowly started refusing all veggies except corn. He of course requests fruit instead of veggies---all the time now.

    She's grown soooooo much, and what a wonderful smile she has. Some cute cheeks!!!

  2. She has the loveliest 'kissiest' cheeks ever - you just want to kiss them and kiss them!

  3. i get a bit of vegetable resistance from greg. It's the size of the mouth. open wide for banana, peach or raisins or sweet potato. letter-box mouth for broccoli, cheese or tomato!

  4. She's so cute, and eating so well. I love the whole "I hate it, give me more" series of faces they make as they're figuring foods out. We still laugh at 3B as he makes them.