Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Lie Awake at Night (the other side of the story)

Baby Olivia has finally started to sleep a little better having run her poor Mummy ragged for the last few weeks. Unfortunately my insomnia, which has been on and off for years, has decided to rear it's ugly head and so here I am sitting wide awake for different reasons. I have lots to catch you up on, including our booking in visit with the midwife but I think I will leave that for a more civilized time of day. For now I will reflect on some of the stuff I had forgotten from the last time.

I had forgotten just HOW tired you get. I am constantly exhausted. My staff at work, who do not know I am pregnant, keep telling me how tired I look and I just have to blame baby Olivia keeping me up at night, which to be fair has pretty much been true. I have been doing a 10 week teaching City and Guilds qualification, which I signed up for before I knew I was pregnant. I just have 2 classes left but it cannot come soon enough as I long to just come home on a Tuesday and flop down on the sofa rather than having to go to night school for 3 hours.

Even after my cold has finished I STILL have a blocked up nose. The other day, while reading the excellent What to Expect When You're Expecting I came across a section that mentioned how a blocked nose and sinuses can be an ongoing symptom on pregnancy. As soon as I read it I remembered that I had not only read this but also suffered from it during my last pregnancy.

Just have to lie, A LOT! I went to my niece's birthday party at the weekend which was at a play barn. Normally I am the first to be crawling around the ball pit with baby Olivia but this time had to make an excuse about having a splitting headache and sat back and watched Daddy and Auntie A taking Olivia on the play equipment. At work I also had to use an old knee injury as an excuse to get me out of doing staff circuit training which was put on as part of a 'fit for life' week. I've had to tell my sisters all sorts of porkies and fed them diversions to keep the pregnancy a secret until after we have had the scans and know that all is well.

You have to change your plans. My sisters and I clubbed together and got my Mum a hot air balloon flight for her birthday in November. As I knew she wouldn't want to go on her own I also paid for myself to go with her. We have vouchers we can use to book a flight once the weather improves and the flying season starts. The vouchers are valid for a year from November but as I am expecting a baby at the end of October I don't know exactly when I am going to be able to go as pregnant women are, quite sensibly, not allowed to participate. Luckily, having checked the small print on the vouchers there is a clause that allows pregnant women to extend the validity of their vouchers by 9 months. As both vouchers are in my name we will be able to postpone them but it does mean than poor Mum will not be able to take her birthday flight until summer 2009! Luckily as she is the only person other than F who knows I am pregnant she is cool with this.

Anyway it is now almost 4 and I am going back to bed to see if I can grab any more sleep.

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