Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Welcome Back to the Circus

It's very weird. Weird and slightly unfair.

Sorry? What is? Well, this whole having a baby thing. We're so relaxed about it this time round. Last time, we were filling our brains with every book and website we could read. This time, we're chilled out. We know the score. K_ has booked a Nuchal scan. It wasn't a worry, because we knew what needed doing, and what it was about and where to go. If K_'s right to say that it's harder because we already have Olivia to cope with, well that's true, but it's equally true to say it's so much easier this time. Every sensation K_ has, she knows what it is.

Last time, a few people interpreted our lust for information as fear about what was happening. It wasn't, it was a genuine hunger to understand. But you can only understand it once. Once you know, you know, and that's what's slightly unfair.

We did a daily blog for Olivia, full of our observations and what we'd learned etc. M2 won't get that. Not because M2 is less interesting or less wanted or less deserving, but because Olivia has already demolished those barriers. I suppose this happens throughout life; certainly throughout childhood. Eldest child has to fight for every inch of ground, later children never have to fight as hard if at all. It's not fair, but it's inevitable, I suppose.

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