Saturday, April 05, 2008

Drilling Holes

Thought I'd better a) take advantage of being preggola to get free treatment and b) set a good example to my darling girl and actually go to the dentist for the first time in more than a decade. I don't have my exemption card yet but they noted down my pregnancy and told me to just bring it in when I have it.

I got off fairly lightly having not been for about 11 years and just needed 1 filling, my first ever. I was a bit of a girl about having it drilled - more from the anticipation of the noise than from pain - but it worked out ok and is the tiniest white filling ever in the back of one of my molars.

As a teenager I had a bite rest to stop me grinding my teeth at night which led to arthritic pain in my jaw. I no longer have pain but do have a very clicky jaw which clicks everytime I eat anything chewy and the dentist wants me to have anither bite rest so I have to go back at some point for an impression to be done. The being preggo came in even more handy here as even as an NHS patient this would have cost me £200 otherwise and I simply wouldn't have had it. Must get around to making that other appointment.

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