Thursday, April 10, 2008

So Sorry

We found out recently that someone we know recently had a miscarriage. It is quite likely that their baby would have been born at around the same time as ours. We know how lucky we are and really appreciate all our blessings. We are in a bit of a quandry as how to approach breaking our news to our friends. Our dating scan and nuchal scan are finally coming up tomorrow and the day after and once it is confirmed that everything is ok we are ready to start telling people. We had planned to announce it on the Yahoo group we share with our group of friends but the bereaved friend is on there and we just don't want to upset her while she is so fragile. We have decided instead to send an offlist email and seek advice from one of her close friends as to how it is best to approach relating the news to her.

Strangely when I was at around the same stage in my last pregnancy a friend had an ectopic pregnancy and lost dangerous amounts of blood. You realise how fragile life is and how lucky you are.

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