Sunday, June 01, 2008

I've got a photograph

Olivia and I like to sit at my computer and I attempt to find things she'll be entertained by, and she attempts to throw my wireless mouse to the floor with sufficient force to break it. One day she'll succeed.

Olivia's absolute favourite thing is a BBC version of Old MacDonald, but another thing she likes it the Google Image Search Game. This involves me putting in the name of things she likes into Google Images and attempting to get her to say the name of said object. Good examples include 'car' and 'duck'.

About a week ago, I thought we'd see if there were any nice pictures of cats. Well, there were, but not that many great ones for a toddler; this was probably the best. Most of them were either bizzare Photoshopped things or were very close up. I wanted full bodied pictures of cats .

I decided that it would probably help if I changed the search terms to 'pussy cat'.

I am now the Daddy who showed his baby hardcore pornography. She doesn't seem that traumatised by it, I'm still feeling the guilt. Still, I'm the sort of bloke who gets back on the horse after a fall, and I'm sure it will be fine. What could go wrong with 'beaver' and 'clams'..?


  1. clara googled "daphne" (as in scooby doo) and got some rather disturbing images, I seem to recall...

  2. One of my favorite IMAX movies that I never saw was the one advertised as "The Biggest Dam Movie Ever." Sometimes bigger is better, but I still don't think I want to see an IMAX beaver movie. Good luck with the Googlage.