Sunday, August 03, 2008

Do You See a Face You Hardly Recognise?

Today we had a private 4D scan at a local clinic. I have felt a little bit down recently, tired and run down and impatient to meet the new arrival. Also the fact it is a second pregnancy and changes to NHS guidelines mean that I have not had an antenatal appointment between 16 weeks and the 28 week appointment I have this coming Thursday, apart from our anatomy scan. Miss M is very active and kicky all day long but there is nothing like a bit of reassurance that everything looks ok. So to cheer me up and also see how madam is getting on I wondered about a 4D scan, having seen ads in the back of pregnancy magazines.

Expecting it to be quite expensive I Googled for a place I came across when we were researching for somewhere to have a nuchal scan,
Brayford Studio, and found that they were moving to new premises this weekend and had a special offer of £55 for a scan, DVD and a couple of photos, so we decided to go for it.

The clinic was obviously brand new, comfortable and nicely decorated. After a cold drink, a bit of form filling and a quick sit on a squashy sofa and then we were ushered in to the scan room. The sonographer was a very jolly man who chatted away to us while we got ready for the scan. Having determined how the baby was laying he got me to lay on my side and the scanning was soon underway.
The photos are truly amazing. It is easy to forget that even though there are 12ish weeks left the baby is essentially fully formed and just needs to do some growing. The photo shows just how amazing that little life is.

Lets compare her a a new born Olivia...

We think she has the look of Olivia. We presume that she definitely is a she, but she had her legs crossed so the sonographer couldn't shed any light on this.


  1. isn't it just so amazing what they can do now?
    I really wanted a 3d sono when I was PG with Gage, but I never did one b/c they were over a hundred dollars here, and I kept thinking "that's a stroller", or "that's the carseat!"
    I'm so glad that you guys were able to do it.
    Yes, I think she certainly DOES look like Olivia!

  2. yes, I can see she has the same shape head and profile! I can't believe it's only 12 weeks to go. I'm sure it's really dragging now for you, but she won't br too long now - with a bit of luck she'll be early!