Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Take a Car Into Town

On Friday we went to visit the hospital in our nearby city where I would be transferred if any complications arose during the home birth. I am not a great fan of hospitals and so would rather go and take a look in advance rather than see it for the first time having transferred in labour. So M_ arranged us a visit and we all went off and met her there.

The hospital looked a little tired and in need of a paint and the units were frantically busy but had a friendly atmosphere. One advantage compared to the hospital we would have transferred to in Essex when we lived there was that the room on the labour ward had private bathrooms. The Essex unit has a bathroom shared between two rooms which always struck me as both inconvenient and also unhygienic.

Now we have seen it I feel a lot more relaxed. As we said to the midwife who showed us around, in the nicest possible way I hope we don't see them again!

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