Friday, October 17, 2008

Waiting for the World to Change

Another day, another possibility of getting That Call and having to get home as quickly as possible.
It's still early.
Eleven days remain before the due date.
Second babies often come earlier.
Olivia was late.
The second midwife says K___ has a 'tendency to have overdue babies'.
One can hardly be classed a trend, can it?
But still.... Does it mean anything?
Could it really be a month away?
(It could. Please no.)
My phone rings.
Can we have a meeting?
Of course, however, I have to warn you that I may be off on paternity leave at any time.
I can't make a firm committment to anything right now.
Update my Facebook status to say I'm waiting to find out when I'm off on paternity.
Amend it the next day. Too many people wishing 'good luck' as though it's started. It's giving the wrong impression.
Night time. Every time the baby headbutt's K___'s cervix there's a sense of 'could this be it?'
It isn't. Obviously.
Every night, I check my phone to see how much charge it has rather than wait for it to run down.
Not excited, not anxious, just waiting.
Frustrated? Bored? To some degree, yes.


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