Saturday, May 16, 2009

Like a Star in the Sky

As I was eating my dinner the other evening, Olivia knelt in front of Grace and grabbed her by the arms before singing nursery rhymes to her. I managed to capture a bit on my phone. It's poor quality and cuts out halfway through, but I thought it was charming anyway.


  1. sooooo cute! i love watching siblings entertain eachother, 3year old, 2year old and 18month make such a fuss of new baby they sing to her, cuddle her and kiss her when they see her its lovely.

    They play with eachother too and help eachother out it gorgeous to watch. it may be hard work having 4 under 4 but when you see them loving one another it makes it so worthwhile x

  2. Droping in and spotted your blog. That was really adorable, siblings caring for each other is a good feeling, this video is priceless