Sunday, September 13, 2009

They Put Us on a Transport to the Stars

Update on the buggy....

EVERYONE hated it, it was difficult to push, difficult to steer, just difficult...then my Dad pointed out that all the tyres were totally flat! Never occurred to me that they would need pumping up straight out of the box! Anyway it is now fine to push and steer. Daddy M looooovvvvvvveeees it as you can adjust the handlebar up and down which is doing wonders for his back. The only down side of this adjustment is that the handlebar has a little give in it as it is not one solid piece of metal but effectively hinged to allow it to be adjusted. I have never tried a P&T Sport but I imagine this is probably the case with them as well. The only bad thing we have found is something totally personal to us - the mudguards are exactly the height to catch on the stairs when my mum takes it up to her front door - not a huge issue. I really like the colour - enough pink to make it a little girlie but not as in your face as the pink camo P&T. We have cow print buggy snuggles from last winter which will look super cute on it when it starts to get really chilly. Miraculously it hasn't rained all week so we haven't had a go with the rain cover yet but I like the fact that it is an elasticated front and not those silly fiddly poppers on the P&T. The back seat could do with a recline but that is the only functionality it is missing.

All things considered I think this was a good choice and I don't think that I could have justified the cost of a new P&T. I am going to Ebay what is left of the old P&T and see what I can get for it to offset some of the cost of the oBaby.

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