Friday, April 23, 2010

From a Careless Mistake That She Can't Wash Away

Warning: not for the squeamish!

In the spirit of full disclosure and to note 'The Numerous Joys of Parenthood' no. 1324...this is what happens when your tiny toddler poos in the bath. The girls were playing when Gracie suddenly threw a pea out of the bath. I momentarily wondered where she had got it until I leaned in to look in the bath and realised that where she got it was yesterdays tea. Bath and bath toys bleached, children scrubbed and we started bath time all over again!

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  1. lol there is nothing worse than poo in the bath, my pud did a sneaky one whilst the other 3 were in the bath. I've never seen them move so fast!!! she was sat there grinning obviously very proud of herself xx

  2. Her big sister was also in the bath at the time. Luckily the poop has stayed around Gracie and I got Liv out pretty sharpish!

  3. Oi. That's always a fun night's activity...the bleaching and so forth. Can't they just wait 10 minutes?

  4. thankfully this has only happended in our house when it was Mr C's turn on bath time duty.