Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Day 163 - And all the World is Football-Shaped

"Your uterus is now approximately the size of a soccer ball."

That's an enlightening phrase, isn't it? It tells you everything you need to know in one intimidating sentence! This what happens when you look up what is happening in week 25 of the pregnancy. A football (let's revert to the proper term; we invented the damn game, after all); that's big. Of course, K___ is far more aware of how big it is than anyone.

Commonly-associated things for mum included sciatica like pains running from the lower back into the legs. Nice. I have a bit of sciatic pain and it's not especially amusing. I imagine if you've got a great big heavy belly on you, this is is particularly true. Those of you currently imagining my own far-from-svelt figure may insert your own jokes here: __________________

Mums-to-be also gets a Brucie-bonus of 50% extra blood gratis. Nice. K___ was telling me just this morning that her colleague was expressing surprise that she wasn't wearing tights and was wearing flip-flops still. She's also sleeping under an empty duvet cover and showing no signs of cold. When the baby's born in January, she's probably going to die of shock!
For the baby, the structures of the spine are begining to be differentiated - the vertebrae, joints and ligaments are all forming about now. I would have thought the kicks the baby was doing were rather dependent on all this being in place all ready, but apparently not. Also in development are the vessels in the lungs that will collect oxygen molecules to oxygneate the blood. Clearly this is quite a big week for the repiratory system cause the nostrils are going to open up this week too. "What's that smell?" Well little baby, it's water, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, phospholipids, urea and electrolytes. Surely that's obvious?

Wonder what week 26 holds? 'Your uterus is now the size of Pluto and you have a million per cent more blood than normal. And your eyes have exploded.'


  1. No, I think the Pluto-size uterus comes at week 32.

  2. ...and after that, you get the dangerously-close-to-an-outtie belly-button...!