Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Day 170 - Breaking Bread

K___ has come home from her baby shower and is tucked up in bed. Here's a short annecdote about morning sickness told at the baby shower and relayed to me. I have apparently been given permission to put this on the Blog.

I don't think the tale has any great moral to it. It's not particularly instructive beyond 'thing x can happen'. It is, however, both unpleasant and extremely funny, which makes it worth relaying.

The person this happened to reads this Blog, so may wish to comment or correct my version of events. Or may wish to remain anonymous and try and affect an innocent, don't-know-what-you're-talking-about demeanor. Perhaps with some whistling and refusing to catch other people's eye going on for good measure.

Our heroine has suffered with morning sickness through each of her pregnancies. I happen to know that when she was pregnant with her first, she used to rotate through the work toilets she used to talk to God on the big white telephone lest anyone put two and two together and realised she was pregnant. However, nothing can possbly compare to the short, but grim tale I am about to relate.

Our heroine, feeling hungry, had found a piece of olive bread and swallowed it down. Unfortunately, morning sickness being no respecter of manners decided to intervene and our subject found herself running for the nearest loo to throw up. Throwing up duly occured and - we must deduce from what happened next - with some force, sending chank down her nose as well as out of her mouth. Unfortunately, the bit with an olive in it went up her nose.

And stuck there until our poor mum-to-be was able to grab it and pull it out with tweezers.


  1. Lovely!

    I do not think that's any worse than a couple of your wife's university cider stories, though :)

  2. the olive was the 2nd most humiliating puke (others were present). the most humiliating was on the feet of the guys trying to get me to convert to British Gas outside Somerfield, and the most painful was the pineapple juice, which made it into my ear canals. Burn baby Burn!

  3. There was one involving a pint glass and one involving a waterfall of cider and black but I think those are best glossed over :)