Friday, October 06, 2006

Day 186 - Listen to Your Heart

Now, this is something of a matter of debate between us, but according to my calculations in an Excel spreadsheet, K___'s third trimester starts today. She says it'll be on Sunday, i.e. the start of the week.

I don't know who's right and it doesn't matter much, but if it was me, it would have made for appropriate timing because K___ and I went along to the health centre for a check up this morning. We had to wait for half an hour when we arrived, which was a little unusual, but not a big problem. Instead of D____, the midwife we've seen for our other visits, it was her partner, K__. It was good to finally meet this woman - after all, there's no guarantees which one will be working when baby M_______ decides it's time to say hello and it would have been a bit strange for a total stranger to have started poking around the parts they never mention.

K__ was very friendly and funny - we were laughing about K___ taking up smoking in order to have a low birth weight baby and various other things that quickly put us at our ease (not that we were stressed anyway). She and an apprentice midwife ran through various routine bits such as the blood pressure tests and asking whether there'd been any problems. Then they asked for K___'s urine sample. D'oh! K___ has been so busy doing the flowers for her best friend's wedding tomorrow that she'd just forgotten. No problem, however. She just had to go and wee on a stick to check for glucose. None detected.

She was made to get up on the examination table and let the assistant midwife feel her belly. The baby was facing downwards, which was good. We'd spoken to our friend S___ the night before and she'd revealed her third could well be a breach, which would rather knacker her chances of a home birth. The assistant did make the point that there was still plenty of room in there and she would probably keep moving for a few weeks yet. Next we got to her the heart, via a thing that resembled nothing so much as K___'s handheld mixer! God, it's quick. I'd have checked myself in to casualty if my heart were beating that fast! It did make me grin though!

K___ got a couple of forms for some blood tests she's going to need to do in the next few weeks, and a form she needs for her HR department and that was that; all done.



  1. everything's changing at McDonalds...thought I'd send F and K a cautionary tale! Took Clara and Peter to McMurders yesterday. It doesn't take a genius to work out that this was a rubbish idea, but the circumstances were this ... we had come from Church and were going to Anna's for the afternoon, but there is just less than an hour "gap" to fill, cos her church lasts a lot longer tha ours, so thought we'd stop at the sainsbury's at Rayleigh Weir ( roughly inbetween both churches)where I thought there was a cafe. Duly stopped and went to said cafe, and asked for 3 paninis and some drinks. Cafe man informed us that they had sold out of paninis. looked at menu. they only seemed to sell paninis. did they by any chance have anything else for sale today? Yes, drinks. and half price pieces of a collapsed lemon meringue pie. that was it. I was not impressed, and we left the cafe! However Peter (aged 2) decided he was now DESPERATE for a drink, and in his opinion, sitting down in a cafe and leaving without buying one was child abuse, and he started WAILING for a drink , at which point I felt frazzled and confused and thought the best thing to do was go in to the neigbouring Mctransfats before he expired of thirst! I know as I type this in the cold light of day that there were myriad other options available, but at the time i wanted to sit somewhere and have a drink and I was annoyed at the cafe and didn't want to get a drink there. Anyway, of we troll into McCardboard and place an order, including potato wedges for the children, a fillet of fish (pronounced a bit french in case you think you might actually get a fillet of fish!)some orange juice, some tap water with Ice (boy did that get me a strange look . surely madam wants a sprite?) and some sauce in a sachet! Anyway, what's changed is the labelling on the food - it now has these little symbols telling you exactly how much fat, salt, carb etc is in each delightfully packaged item. But the horrendous thing is, this without actually reducing the horrors within, so it would seem! If the aftertaste wasn't off-putting enough, each label was a graphic explanation of why that guy in supersize me got so sick!If fear of litigation amkes you put this stuff on the goods, why doesn't the same fear mean you reduce the shite content of the product? I know, I know, what did I really expect, but it all seemed a bit gleefully done, like putting "contains arsenic for your snacking pleasure" on a packet of bisuits or something. Anyway, I'm telling this tale because way back in an early post, K and F said they would never take their kid to McGlobals. I went, I survived - your decision remains a good one!

  2. Did I say that I was going to bring the baby up to fear clowns? I reckon that'll do the job nicely...

    It's difficult. We've said we're never going to take our kid(s) there but if their friend is having a party there, it seems a bit churlish to say to a small child who can't understand the issues, 'No, you can't go to a party with your friends because Mummy and Daddy have ethical issues with the 'food' on sale there'...