Sunday, October 15, 2006

Day 192 - Clothes Line Saga

Mum to Be here...

Although I am still wearing a few of my pre-baby clothes there is definitely a growing (literally) need for maternity clothes. Now I am a girl who loves clothes but I find myself fairly unmoved by buying anything that is likely to only fit me for a matter of weeks. Although there are some really lovely maternity clothes out there, unless you plan on becoming pregnant as a career and will get your money worth then they just seem too expensive.

In the middle period I grabbed some cheapo T shirts in larger sizes than normal but the problem with this is that although the bump grows everything else doesn't keep pace and so as you go up sizes you can end up looking like you are wearing a tent.

Well never mind, Ebay to the rescue. Although I had previously dipped a few toes into the waters of Ebay it has been the pregnancy that has encouraged me to use it more. I've brought a variety of maternity bits and bobs from brand new things with tags still attached to "previously enjoyed" items andI've grabbed some right bargains. It has got me out of a few jams where I have needed something fairly formal for a wedding or party and haven't wanted to spend a lot of money on an expensive maternity outfit.

Got to go a few auctions ending soon....

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