Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Day 195 - The Temperature Is Risin'

I forgot to mention the funkiest thing about Grobags. In many ways, it's such a funky thing, it's pretty much enough to justify having kids all by itself.

The Grobag Egg. See example to the left.

"The Grobag Egg? It sounds rubbish!" I hear you cry.

Ahhh, but it isn't. It's great.

It's about the size of a... er... about the size of... um... I dunno, what's it the size of? Oh, hang on - one of those supermarket Easter Eggs that you get with a Crunchie with it - you know the ones; the three-for-five-quid specials.

The part that is yellow in the picture to the left changes with variations in temperature. If it's below 16 degrees C, then it's blue. Blue is bad. 16.1 - 20 and it's yellow. It also has a smiley face that appears. This is the optimum range of temperatures. 20.1 - 24 is too warm and orange and anything more than 24.1 degrees is red and very bad. It means Satan is coming or something.

Anyway, so, yes... It's just a digital thermometer but the joy of lying in bed trying to see whether the temperature changes by the .1 of a degree necessary to effect a colour change from orange to yellow or yellow to orange cannot be under estimated. I know that it's supposed to be a way of telling you if you need to change the tog of the grobag the baby is in, but it's not. It's for adults. It also makes a handy navigational beckon in the middle of the night. It doesn't throw out enough light to be bothersome, but it might save you from a stubbed toe.

Truly this mesmeric device is worth all the pains of pregnancy. Some might argue that it's easy for me to say that given that I don't have to put up with them. To those people, I say a very rude word and then the word 'off'. You are wrong. Even K___ would be wrong if she comes on here and started to object to this sentiment.

Put it this way, if Faberge had decided to make an egg this cool, I might consider buying one, even at their prices.

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  1. Hmm - the temperature debate - when I had Peter it was a very hot summer. I had a little thermometer in my room - it said "too hot". wasn't sure what to do about that. Had window open, had fan in room, remained unconvinced that having fan blowing directly onto newborn was a great idea, and anyway, wasn't he supposed to be wearing a hat? Also, I like a bit of covering on me, even in the hot weather, so didn't want to leave Junior 2 shivering whilst I still had my duvet, so gave him some blankets anyway. Now, shortly after Clara was born, there was an unexpected cold snap, even though it was spring. Nursery thermometer said "too cold" . leave the heating on overnight, and the house heats up like a sauna. Not enthralled by the idea of getting up and fiddling with the heating during the night. Did not have a thermostat (makes mental note - this would solve issue - really ought to get one even though child 3 is definitely the final one! unlikely to acheive that in t-4days though!)
    consequently, Clara spent first days "too cold" and Peter "too hot" according to the little gauge with an elephant on. the good news is, you kind of know. even if 100 well-meaning grannies come and tell you she's too hot/cold or she ought to have a hat, when it's your baby you know. And your own body temperature will even adjust to the one your baby needs. I'll bet you find your little egg validates more than informs you! And it's very cute...