Sunday, October 22, 2006

Day 198 - ...Honey Honey

Mum to be here.

The glucose tolerance test went fine in the end. Not as bad as I though it would be.

I've always been one for eating brekker so I found it tought to have to get up and go without having any breakfast. The point of this isn't to just starve the poor pregnant lady for entertainment value but is to test the fasting blood glucose level. Once I got there the wait was minimal before I was ushered in to see the nurse. I'm no great fan of having needles stuck in me but I just looked away while the nurse took the first bloods. We killed two birds with one stone as my midwife had given me the paperwork to do my routine bloods at the same time. The glucose drink wasn't as pukey as I expected - was like ultra sweet flat lemonade and the secret is to just throw it back in one and try not to taste it too much.

After that it became a waiting game. I was told to come back to the nurse in 2 hours to have another lot of blood taken to see if my glucose levels were settling down to normal. Unfortunately you have to stay in the clinic and just chill out for the long wait and so I spent some quality time in a fairly institutional waiting room reading trashy celebrity gossip mags and watching the clock.

The test is a case of no news is good news - if you aren't contacted pretty quickly by your doctor then it seems to just be a case that everything is cool and you will get your results from the midwife in the due course of time.

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