Sunday, October 22, 2006

Day 199 - House

This weekend, we went to our friends' housewarming party in Londinium Town.

As we arrived, another couple of our friends were just at the front door. This lead to us calling out greetings and this in turn presumably alerted the host, P___ that his guests had arrived. He duly opened his bathroom window and called out a greeting. K___ and I would have responded but unfortunately, P___'s frosted bathroom window wasn't quite as frosty as he imagined and we were sent into paroxysms of spluttering laughter at the sight of P___ standing full-frontal nude onto the street, with Little P___ on show to all. The glass hid nothing. I did attempt to call out to him, but when I looked up I burst into another fit of gaffaws and couldn't get the words out.

I'm sure it was very embarrassing for poor P___, but we hadn't laughed so hard for an age. I thought K___ was going to go into labour she was hugging her bump so hard!

Once in we were greeted by P___'s partner, the lovely J__ and made to feel at home, including a guided tour of their palatial new home. Very nice!

It wasn't long before the party started to fill up with guests. A lot of the people seemed to work in P___'s chambers - he's a barrister - or were J__'s friends and our room was quite a lot less crowded than the rest of the house. A woman walked in with a baby strapped to her front and remarked on how quiet the room was and sat down, with her baby fast asleep. Talk inevitably turned to babies and birth once the woman realised that K___ was pregnant. She started to ask K___ lots of questions and as we found out when K___ answered her question of 'where are you going to have it?' with 'home', she was passionate about home birth and seemed to think we'd made the right decision. As K___ said to me on the way home today, what would she have done if K___ had answered her with 'hospital'?

One thing happened that K___ finds a bit odd is that someone expressed surprise that she was 'only' six and a half months pregnant. This isn't the first time this has happened and K___'s finding it a bit strange, particularly when her bump isn't actually that big. A while back I posted a YouTube stop frame of a girl's bump over the pregnancy. That shows you how big bumps actually get before birth. Obviously if you've got a concave stomach when you start, you're going to probably end up a bit smaller than everyone else. I dunno.

Mind you, I don't think K___'s has actually got bigger for a while. Perhaps it has, and I don't notice because of the incremental changes, but I would say that although it's changed shape and has moved up so it's more under her ribs now, it's not actually increased in size much. I do have precedent for this too; our friend S___, who is due this very week. She's been huge at 20 weeks but then doesn't change much for the rest of it.

Anyway, it was a most splendid party, and K___ did herself proud managing to stay awake until nearly two, even joining in on an ensemble karaoke version of 'Ze Vinds of Change' on the host's new PS2 SingStar Rocks game, with full on comedy German pronunciation... God knows what the baby makes of all that!

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  1. Aha - an interesting phenomenum, with an interesting variation to come. You're pregnant, and everyone has an opinion on whether you are either huge for your number of weeks, or small for your number of weeks, based presumably on their own experiences or how they remembered others being. In the same day, you can be told your bump is huge or tiny, and you just say "yes". Then, when you have your baby, everyone will tell you that they look big or small for their number of weeks/months whatever. For some reason, no-one ever wants to express "no surprise" -(yes, I thought she looked about 2 months, or, I would have guessed three weeks to go, or whatever). People feel they ought to express some surprise (only 6 months? etc). I have a friend whose daughter is 3, and whilst perfectly formed is absolutley tiny for her age against all known graphs and her peers, and the other day some ridiculous granny announced that surely she was tall for her age! what's that about - I don't know! In the same day, you will be told that baby M is both big and small for her age, and rather than debate it, I fully recommend agreeing with everyone, particularly if the person who just made the opposite observation is still standing by the crib. It confuses the heck out of everyone, but conserves some energy!