Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day 213 - I'll Change the Nappies through the Washing Machine

It's not often that local authorities come in for praise and I should know; I work for one. We're seen by some as a convenient whipping boy for all of society's ills and sometimes it's not without a little justification. However, I'd like to big up Essex County Council, Southend Borough Council and Thurrock Council (none of which I work for) for their excellent work on promoting cloth nappies!

The three Essex councils have joined forces to promote the environmental and cost benefits (they claim £500 savings per child) of cloth nappies. They are offering a sample pack of cloth nappies worth over £30 for just a fiver.

Each pack contains:
3 white shaped style nappies
2 waterproof covers
1 booster pad for nighttime wear
Paper liners

These promotional packs can be ordered by calling Modern Baby on freephone number 0800 093 1500, or visiting http://www.modernbaby.co.uk - one pack per baby.

It's a win/win situation. The nappies are being promoted by Modern Baby as a loss leader, so there are no qualms about taking them up on the offer (beyond the possibility of junk mail, I suppose, undeniably a curse of the modern world) and if it helps keep a few more people away from disposables, then all to the good.

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