Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day 216 - When We Grew Up & Went To School

We have the first of our ante-natal classes this evening.
It's being held just a few roads away. It's possibly going to be a little awkward initially in light of the hoo-ha that happened after K___'s last meeting with the midwife, but I'm sure this will pass.
What's possibly more of a concern is how K___'s buggered back will manage, since there's a good chance we may not all get to sit on chairs. I mean, on the assumption that there's possibly going to be about six or seven other couples there, it's hard believe that they'll have enough chairs for all the pregnant wives once the men have got sorted...
(I fully expect to get karatechopped in the windpipe for that notion, back problems or not.)
It will be good to meet other couples who are expecting children at about the same time as us. I hope they're all nice and not like our evil next door neighbours of doom* though. I'm sure they will be. I'm not quite sure what we're going to learn tonight. I know the general sort of stuff, but not the specifics of what we'll learn and when.
Let you know tomorrow.

* When I put out our one bag of household rubbish and one bag of recycling this morning, they had eight black bags (which for the non-UK people means anything that can't be recycled) on the grass verge. They'd not bothered to tie the bags shut and I could see that they were packed with cardboard and newspapers and plastic packaging of precisely the kind I had in my recycling bag. Obviously it's a bit hard to spend the three minutes sorting it out, so just chuck it all in the black bags and put it in a landfill instead, eh? You selfish fuckwits...


  1. f_ i'm not sure... i just thought you sounded a little teensy bit self righteous there ... and "noticing" what is in someone's rubbish sacks ... just a little bit "my pink half of the drainpipe" ... i'm probably being over sensitive of course...

  2. So be it. That was just today's example of something that has stuck in my craw.

    There's a multitude of sins that I can self-righteously lay at their feet if you wish. The parents are entirely vulgar, charmless and lacking in even the most basic courtesies. Their children are are spoilt, ignorant and practically feral. I've never experienced children as badly brought up and I don't just think that when I'm having stones thrown at me over my garden fence, or when I have to listen to them screaming 'fuck off' at each other in the garden for hours on end (bearing in mind they're all under ten) that they're not nice.

    I once found myself at a petrol station being vaguely aware of children mucking about, raceing around the forecourt in between moving cars and thinking, 'Why isn't a parent stopping those stupid idiots doing that before they gets hurt?' When I got inside to pay, I could hear these same kids screaming so loudly that everyone in the queue was looking around to try and see these brats. Then I heard this woman screech, 'Austin! Mitchell! Stop eating the sweets and come here,' and only then did I realise these awful people were my next door neighbours.

    As for 'noticing' what someone has in their rubbish bags, that's what happens when you all put them on the same bit of verge and they haven't tied them shut. I have eyes, hence I see.

    Ya boo sucks. Go and have a baby, will you?