Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tiny child sighed in my ear

For those of you our there wondering if the family M had cleared off on yet another holiday then I am afraid no such luck for us...

Well it turns out that as well as teething the poor sausage also had gastroenteritis AGAIN! By Saturday it became clear the the loss of appetite wasn't just the front tooth that is threatening to pop put any second - the napppies said otherwise.

Unlike last time, when she happily took her full feed volume in electrolyte solution, this time she didn't wantly to drink hardly anything. She got quite poorly and on Monday I had to spoon feed her milk when she had only taken 10oz of fluid for the day. This was working out fine and she drank a few ounces until her gag reflex kicked in and she puked all over her own face. F compared it to looking like she was in a cowboy movie and had a bandana on her face so all you could see were her eyes. We also had a lot of leaky morning nappies and I have spent the last week solidly doing laundry as every morning, even if we changed her in the night she would have wet all her clothes, her growbag, the bed sheets etc.

Looks like she is on the mend now though. Her appetite is coming back slowly and the nappies are back to normal.

That tooth still hasn't popped out yet!

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