Sunday, September 30, 2007

But I Don't Want to be a Tin Can Tied to the Bumper of a Wedding Limousine

Last weekend the family M (and Grandmother B) went off to the wedding of my best friend P and his beautiful bride J. Daddy was an usher and had to wear a penguin suit, even Mummy managed to scrub up ok, and Olivia was in her party finest with a pretty dress and black patent shoes. She looked like a little angel.

This is what happens when you party too hard :)


  1. If someone would strap me in a chair and roll me home every time I partied too hard, I'd be out there every night. Looks like a good time for all!

  2. what a lovely picture! And I agree that parties would be so much nicer if we all had personal carriage home!

  3. what a cuuuuuuute family you guys are!