Monday, February 18, 2008

Perimeter Walk

Last week Olivia finally took the big leap and moved on from coasting around the furniture to walking across the room. In a few short days she is getting very cocky indeed with the whole thing and gets very cross if you try and put her in her play pen for a few minutes as she just wants to walk around all day.

Here she is playing with one of her cousins goal post cones - maybe a future in traffic control?

Here she is looking just too cute for words. She HATES having her hair in bunches so we haven't done it again but she looked so sweet!


  1. ooooh...just watch out!
    You always think your home is child-proof...and then they start baby-proof again...and then they start walking. They randomly bring you little things that they find & could definitely choke on! You think, "Where on EARTH did you get THAT????"

    ....but it's so much fun when they are walking! You'll try to remember what life was like when you could just set her down & she would stay in one spot. Never again, my friends!

    And yes, her hair is soooooo cute in "bunches" (we call them pig-tails").

  2. Anonymous5:23 pm

    oh bless her cotton socks!