Thursday, May 15, 2008

If You Can't Run, You Can't Hide

Later that day our other child was also creating a bit of drama....

Once Olivia was sorted and back home with Grandma I went into work for a few hours before having to leave again, this time to go to my routine antenatal appointment at the GP surgery. This was the first time I had met the midwife who would primarily be responsible for my care as she had been on holiday when I booked in and so I had been seen by a midwife from the hospital on that occasion.

Jenny already came on good authority as she had looked after my sister during both her pregnancies, 7 and 10 years ago. She should have delivered my niece but as the little madam decided to come three weeks early Jenny was on holiday then as well!

We did all the preliminary stuff of chatting about how the pregnancy was going and getting her up to date with my obstetric history and then moved on to all the routine stuff - testing the pot of wee with the stick thingie for sugar and protein, which was fine and also checking my blood pressure, which was a healthy 110/70. Then she called me over to the bed so she could examine me.

After getting me to pull down my skirt she got out the doppler and applied a splat of cold gel to my stomach. The next 10 minutes was the longest 10 minutes of my life. She tried various placed across my tummy to locate the baby's heartbeat. She kept picking up what was blatantly my heartbeat as I could feel my pulse throbbing in time to the sound of the beat and it was obviously too slow to be the baby.

As this had gone on some minutes she started to try and reassure me by saying that the baby was probably hiding behind my pulse but needless to say I was getting more and more anxious. She kept saying 'I don't know why we do this at 16 weeks as we can't always pick up a heartbeat and people get worried'. Anyway after another few minutes of trying she started talking about sending me to Lincoln for an emergency scan when she moved the doppler right round the side of my bump and finally there was the galloping horses beat of the baby's hearbeat. I have never been so pleased to hear any sound in my life!

Good job she took my blood pressure when I came in as it was probably about 160/100 by the time I left :)

That is it now for ages - because I am a second time mother and due to changed on guidance on antenatal care I will not now be seen until I am 28 weeks, other than at the 20 week scan in four weeks time.

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