Monday, July 28, 2008

See It Like a Baby

I am interested to see what Olivia is going to be like with her little sister as she just luuuuurves babies. She has never been up close to a real life baby but when she sees pictures of them she laughs and squeals with joy.

On the rare times that she watches TV, she is always entranced by the Telletubbies and gets very excited when she sees the baby in the sun and starts shouting 'baby, baby' (only she pronounces it baaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyybbbbbbbbeeeeeeeey). She also loves books and magazines with pictures of babies. She looks at the picture, smiles and then kisses the baby - ahhhhhhhhh! She is also fascinated with my baby belly and constantly makes me lift up my top so she can pat and kiss the bump and again she says 'baby'. Today I was showing her a pregnancy magazine and showed her the ladies with the bumps and then the babies and tried to communicate to her that the baby was in the Mummy's tummy but I am really not sure how much she understands.

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