Monday, February 23, 2009

Picture Book

Here's a few photos from the archives.

First up we have Snow Angel Olivia. Some of you might be wondering why a small child is being allowed to lie in the snow without a hat or gloves on. We also wondered why this might be so we asked Olivia, who said, "Daddy, no! Go 'way. Don't like!' She then followed this outburst with grabbing her hat and throwing it on the ground, where it was swiftly joined by two gloves.

For her next trick, Olivia will concertina herself so small that she fits in her toybox...

Then we have that special moment in every girl's life, when she discovers that she can fit into other people's clothes too!And finally, one of Olivia and Grace together.


  1. they are of course ridiculously cute! Can you make one for me?

  2. so lovely to see how Grace is growing
    It doesn't seem 5 minutes since she was naked on my scales x