Monday, September 25, 2006

Day 167 - The Joker

As I exited the bathroom, I could hear K___ on the phone to someone in the other room, probably her mother, so headed for my 'puter until she was finished. I was probably checking email or something, but I wasn't particularly paying attention to whatever K___ was up to. After about five minutes, I heard something and looked round to see K___ standing in the doorway to the study, with her hand over her mouth making an extraordinary 'meeping' sound.

'Are you all right?' I asked. At first I thought she was laughing, but then I wasn't sure and thought she might be crying. Then I thought she was laughing again. 'What's so funny?' She didn't say and I was starting to get paranoid. Had I got something on my face or shirt or something?

She turned away and walked into the hall. Could whoever she'd been talking to really told her something that funny? And if so, why wouldn't she tell me? I got up and followed her. I put my hand on her shoulder and asked her why she was laughing, but just looking at me caused her to shake with laughter even harder. What the flying bejimminy was going on?

She went into our bedroom with me following, then turned around, and between spluttering laughter said the following rather bizarre sentence: 'Wooo! I'm the little baby Jesus! I am all around you..." Then collapsed into giggles.

What..? I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Then K___ went and sat down on her side of the bed and picked up a small blue plastic thing with lights on it. A baby monitor...

'Didn't you hear the baby Jesus talking to you?' she asked, waving it at me.
'Not at all? You didn't hear me going 'Wooo! I'm the little baby Jesus! I am all around you..."?'
'No! Where is it?' I said, heading back to the study, with K___ following.

Well, it turned out that in the rush to try and set up the practical joke before I exited the bathroom, the speaker end didn't get switched on, and so I'd been completely unaware of the little baby Jesus's attempts to contact me. However, I thought I'd write this episode up and leave it for other expectant parents to do their worst...

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