Monday, October 30, 2006

Day 206 - Waiting to be Born Again

Just a quicky today. This is undoubtedly a post that's about two weeks early, but a big shout out to the lovely S___ who has just gone over her due date.
S___ holds the record for the longest anyone has gone over the due date for a home birth without being induced in Southend, with a whopping sixteen days. I think I'm right in saying that was with her first baby. The second was much the same and if everything goes according to the now established tradition, this one will be a late arrival too.
A few weeks ago, there was a good chance that she would have to be induced as the baby was breech, but he's turned himself around and everything's in place for a normal birth.
Best of luck - if you don't need it now, save it for a couple of weeks until you do!

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  1. *sigh* - 16 days over for the first, 16 days over for the second, I've booked an induction for day 17 in case this one is planning a no-show, but I may consider seeing whether that can move forward, because I can already feel quite a strain on the lower back. However, I am not going to make any decisions until at least Monday 6th November, so if he can just make an appearance on or before Fireworks Night I'll be a happy lady! Actually, I may have tipped the balance of fate towards Wednesday morning, because I've been waiting for a plumber for aeons to come and start working on my bathroom, and I've finally got a start date of first thing wednesday morning. I really don't want to delay things any further. Do readers think it would be terribly bad form to have a home-birth in the lounge whilst the nice gentleman upstairs sorted out my shower?